Much has been done over the past five years to drive awareness and create change in farming – view the short summary of key events below.

Timeline of Events


Oct - Targets Task Force releases sector objectives – pigs, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy, beef, sheep, game

Oct - 2016 Sales data announced

Oct - Integration of AHDB pig e-Medicine Book into Red Tractor standards

Aug/Sep - Start farming Antibiotic Guardian campaign

Jun - Announcement of more than 70% reduction in colistin use in pigs 2015-2016

Jun - Poultry meat sector announces 71% reduction 2012-2016

May - Pig Veterinary Society confirms prescribing guidelines

Mar-May - Increased One Health Engagement

Feb - Announcement that in-feed medication halved in young pigs

Jan - First RUMA Independent Scientific Group meeting


Dec - First RUMA Targets Task Force meeting

Oct - 10% reduction in average mg/PCU sales in 2015

Sep - Government response to O’Neill report: 50mg/PCU average target by 2018

Sep - Poultry meat sector announces 43% reduction 2012-2015

May - RUMA welcomes O’Neill report & announces Targets Task Force

May - O’Neill report released

May - National Pig Assoc launches Antibiotic Stewardship Programme

Apr - AHDB launches the e-Medicine Book for pigs


Dec - RUMA imposes voluntary Colistin restrictions

Nov - Colistin resistance found in China


Apr - RUMA publishes AMR action plan


Sep - Defra releases Five Year Stategy on Tackling AMR


Apr - Poultry meat sector starts its stewardship programme

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