Case study of BVD control on a Welsh dairy farm – Boehringer Ingelheim

8 Sep 2018

On a Welsh dairy farm belonging to an agricultural college comprising autumn and  spring calving herds of crossbred British-Friesian and Jersey cows, BVD had become an issue. Both herds were expanded in size from approximately 150 animals in each herd in 2011 to approximately 260 in 2015.

The initial problems were diagnosed as:

  • BVDV PCR positive on bulk milk tank two years after eradication program ceased
  • Higher biosecurity and biocontainment challenges on farm, namely rearing contract and increased herd size
  • Lack of motivation from farm manager to carry out new cycle of disease control and eradication

Due to the biosecurity risks identified in both premises, a thorough vaccination protocol was put in place on the bulling heifers. This will prevent formation of new PIs during the period of high risk on this farm. All newborn calves were tested for 12 months following the removal of the last PI from the farm.

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