Calf scour factsheet – XL Vets

13 Aug 2018

Calf scour is a frustratingly common disease experienced on the majority of cattle farms in the UK and around the world. However control and prevention of this costly disease is very much within all of our reaches. With a critical eye, experienced input and meticulous attention to detail, this disease can be successfully reduced and even
eliminated from our farms.

Calf scour investigations often begin with a hunt for a bug involved. Frequently however the pathogen found is only symptomatic of an underlying husbandry or management problem. Investigations need to start at the beginning i.e. calving, and look at calf rearing as a whole. It can be surprising what simple & cheap measures can be found to significantly improve the health & welfare of calves without spending a lot on vaccination or veterinary treatments. In certain circumstances these measures alone may not be enough, and the input of experienced farms vets, accurate diagnostics and team work are essential to improving the on-farm situation.

This guide explains ways to reduce the presence and impact of the disease, including vaccination.


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