Consensus statement – dry cow therapy

8 Sep 2018

This document is the result of a workshop held on 21/02/2017 in Wiesbaden, at the invitation of Boehringer Ingelheim. The recommendations in this paper are based on the opinions and experiences of the authors, all experts in the field of bovine mastitis.

The aim of the workshop was to find a consensus on the circumstances under which we would recommend treatment of cows with Antibiotic Dry Cow Therapy (ADCT), when we should not do so, and when the use of an internal teat sealant is advised. The objective of such a consensus statement is to optimize the prudent use of antibiotics while respecting animal health and welfare and taking into account risk management for every cow and herd.

The purpose of the consensus statement is to
■ Provide dairy producers and veterinary practitioners guidance on the use of ADCT, selective ADCT
and teat sealant in practice
■ Offer veterinary practitioners a reference for their recommendations and so give them confidence in
moving away from blanket ADCT
■ To emphasize the responsible use of antibiotics at the time of drying off.


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