The Antibiotic Challenge roundtable – Pig World and AHDB

8 Sep 2018

Originally published in a special Pig World supplement (August 2018): AHDB and Pig World brought together representatives from across Government and the pig industry at a roundtable event to explore the future of veterinary medicine and antibiotics in pig production. The event, at the Farmers Club,  in London, combined expert presentations with group discussion and covered a huge amount of ground – from the political context to the science of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the practical steps the pig industry needs to take to meet the next stage of the antibiotic challenge. If there was one overarching message from the producers, vets, industry leaders, allied industry representatives, scientists and key Government figures in attendance, it was that this is a collective effort.

As Dame Sally Davies said: “We are all in this together.” AHDB’s senior veterinary manager Mandy Nevel said: “This was a very constructive event, bringing the industry together to discuss the goals of improving pig health and welfare and further reducing our reliance on antibiotics. Plenty of good ideas were exchanged and the event highlighted, yet  again, that this is a joint effort.”


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