IBR factsheet – XL Vets

22 Aug 2018

IBR is the most obvious clinical disease associated with infection by Bovine Herpesvirus 1 (BoHV-1). IBR is a disease of the upper respiratory tract which varies in severity, depending on the strain of virus involved and other factors which may influence the immune status of the animal. In severe cases, damage to the upper airways may lead to pneumonia and sometimes death. BoHV-1 infection has also been associated with infertility, abortion, high temperatures and milk drop.

Vaccination can play a useful role in the control and prevention of IBR. Many different vaccines, both live and dead are available to protect against disease and the choice of which to use should be made carefully following discussion with your vet. Whichever vaccine is chosen, it is important that it is administered carefully in accordance with data sheet recommendations if it is to be effective.


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