Biosecurity management booklet for cattle – XL Vets

13 Aug 2018

Biosecurity is a simple management plan to reduce the risk of disease entering your farm and to reduce the risk of it spreading once on your farm. Because every farm is different, this booklet will help you to review the biosecurity risks to your farm. Each section will allow you to quickly gather information about your farm and help you to assess the level of risk associated with particular management practices. This booklet can be used as a tool to help you and your vet to prioritise and plan your biosecurity strategy, including vaccination. Working through this booklet with the help of your own vet will allow you to develop a comprehensive biosecurity policy that is practical to implement. When you have developed your biosecurity policy, don’t forget to review and update it at least once a year.
Biosecurity measures differ for different diseases and the disease control measures described in this booklet, such as use of vaccines and buying vaccinated animals, represent general biosecurity advice. Further information and advice about specific disease control measures should always be discussed with your vet.


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